Samsung's Galaxy Watch Golf Edition puts a caddie on your wrist

Unfortunately, it's only available in South Korea.


There are plenty of wearables that track your golf swing or help you choose the right club (Garmin has two, for example), but none of them are made by Samsung. Which is why the arrival of a Galaxy Watch Golf Edition smartwatch is exciting news -- or at least it would be if it actually packed some true golf-centric software upgrades under the hood. Instead, Samsung has put out a regular Galaxy Watch with a pre-installed Smart Caddie app -- much like the stunt it pulled with the Gear S3. Oh, and it's only available in South Korea.

Still interested? Well, the app itself brings with it information regarding 60,000 courses across the globe, as well as shot tracking and record keeping, according to Sammobile. The new Galaxy Watch will set you back 409,700 won (US$367) for the 46mm model and 389,900 won ($351) for the 42mm. There's no word, however, on its global availability.