NYC's security app is ready to protect your phone

It can safeguard against threats both on and off your mobile devices.

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Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images
Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images

You now have your chance to see just how well a New York City-backed mobile security app works in practice: the metropolis (and its tech partner Zimperium) has released NYC Secure for both Android and iOS. As promised, the free software can detect device, app and network threats and recommend actions if it finds something worrisome. It'll advise you to disconnect from a suspicious WiFi hotspot, or tell you to uninstall a malware-laden app. You don't need an internet connection, and it won't transmit sensitive information.

You won't necessarily need this if you already have security tools, especially if you're familiar with safeguarding your devices. However, the city said that NYC Secure includes features "not previously accessible for personal use. We'd add that this isn't necessarily for seasoned techies. This is more for encouraging New Yorkers to take their mobile security seriously. It might be worthwhile if it helps even a few people either avoid malware or minimize its impact.

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