Footage leaks of a mysterious Harry Potter RPG

Is this the Harry Potter game we've been waiting for?

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You can now play Harry Potter on mobile, but if you're craving something more substantial, a new leak is sure to get your pulse racing. Redditor VapeThisBro briefly shared footage of an apparent new RPG set within J.K. Rowling's wizarding world, starring your own custom-built character. The clip was only up a short time before it was pulled from YouTube and replaced with a notice that Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive had filed a copyright claim. Filmed in third-person, the clip showed a wand-waving protagonist battling goblins and walking through a town square scattered with NPCs. Hogwarts' famous hall also made an appearance.

The fact that the polished appearance of the game shines through the low-quality video (essentially a recording of a trailer on a screen) makes it all the more exciting. According to the description, the game is set in the 19th century, with players assuming the role of a "newly arrived 5th year student to Hogwarts that demonstrates a latent gift for magic." It also mentions a new magic system that lets you craft "countless" spells and potions in an open-world setup, and also the option to "pursue a path of good or evil."

It's unclear right now whether the title is actually in development. For their part, VapeThisBro claims they stumbled upon it as part of a "focus group." There were, however, rumblings last year that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's subsidiary Avalanche Studios had been assigned a Harry Potter role-playing game project based on job listings. There's been no word since then on the proposed title.

Update 10/2/2018 12:00PM ET: Unsurprisingly, the video has been pulled. A YouTube notice states that the footage is unavailable due to a copyright claim from Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive. This post has been updated to mention this development.

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