Microsoft's Surface device subscriptions start at $25 per month

A PC, Office 365 and store benefits are part of the package.

Cherlynn Low/Engadget

Microsoft's Surface devices tend to be costly, but the company might have a way of making them more palatable. It's launching a Surface All Access subscription model that finances your PC while throwing in some of the services you need. On top of the computer itself, you're also getting "accessories," Office 365, dedicated help and Microsoft Store perks. Think of it as Xbox All Access for the productivity crowd.

Surface All Access will be available through American Microsoft Stores on October 16th alongside new hardware like the Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Pro 6. We don't have full pricing yet, but it'll start at a fairly reasonable $25 a month. This makes the most sense if you were already inclined to get Office 365, but it could be helpful if you find the up-front price too much to swallow -- it spreads the cost out while throwing in extras that might have already been on your shopping list.

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