Here's what Amazon's 'New World' MMO looks like

Leaked gameplay footage first emerged on PornHub, of all places.

Amazon's New World has been in the works for some time, and while there's no release date as yet, some leaked footage from a closed beta gives us a look at what it's like to play the MMO RPG. The person who leaked the footage posted over two hours of gameplay on PornHub, of all places, and YouTube channel Less Than Epic distilled that to nine minutes of material.

The video shows off some of the hunting, gathering, combat and crafting you can experience in the supernatural colonial setting. We see, for instance, a settler try to take down a bison with a bow and arrow, and then defend himself against what appears to be a zombie.

Naturally, given the game's genre, there are survival and character progression elements, including skill leveling, though it doesn't have a class-based system. The crafting appears to ape Skyrim a little, including using a tanning rack to make leather from hides.

The footage didn't have much in the way of the game's companies (i.e. guilds or clans), structure-building or player-versus-environment features. We do, however, get to see the world map, including forest, highland, grassland and shrubland areas. Having a large game world might be important if Amazon Game Studios is to meet its goal of harnessing Amazon Web Services cloud technology to have up to 10,000 New World players per server.