She-Ra shines in the first trailer for Netflix's '80s reboot

Meet the Princesses of Power.

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Dreamworks TV
Dreamworks TV

Netflix already rebooted one iconic '80s cartoon in Voltron, now it's trying its hand at another with the upcoming release of She-Ra and The Princesses of Power. (That's He-Man's twin sister for those too young to remember Masters of the Universe or her own spinoff.) Announced in December, all we've seen of the show thus far is a teaser. But a new trailer should help you decide if you like the princess's new clothes.

The colourful clip traces orphan Adora's origins, her chance encounter with the magical sword that transforms her into her "eight-foot tall" super alter-ego, and the banding together of the titular princesses. Friendships are formed, wisecracks are served, and the empirical Evil Horde of Planet Etheria is handed an almighty ass-whooping.

Produced by Netflix stalwart Dreamworks TV, with Eisner award-winning comic book author Noelle Stevenson serving as its creator and showrunner, She-Ra debuts on November 16th.

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