Delightful farming RPG 'Stardew Valley' is coming to iOS

It'll be a solo experience when it arrives October 24th.

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Chucklefish Games/ConcernedApe
Chucklefish Games/ConcernedApe

You no longer need to haul a Switch with you if you want to play Stardew Valley on the road. Chucklefish and ConcernedApe (aka creator Eric Barone) have revealed that the farming game is coming to mobile, starting with iOS devices on October 24th for $8. The two stress that this is the core game you know, just with a new interface for touchscreen play. There are a couple of asterisks to that description, mind you.

While the mobile version includes all the latest single-player content, such as the Night Market, you won't find a multiplayer mode. Sorry, you'll have to plant crops and raise chickens by yourself. And while you can transfer your progress from the PC version to iOS, you'll have to use iTunes -- there's no cloud syncing here. You also can't use mods or save games where mods have played a role, although that's an unsurprising limitation for mobile titles. If all you want is a pocket-sized escape to the countryside, though, this might fit the bill.

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