Oculus' giant Core 2.0 update is available to everyone

It touts a more customizable Home space and access to PC apps.

After spending ages in development, Oculus' Rift Core 2.0 interface is rolling out to everyone. The new front end turns into more of a social space, including more 3D objects (such as custom models and unlockable rewards) and eight-person get-togethers for watching shows or simply hanging out. You'll also see a new virtual desktop (above) that helps you quickly access your PC's conventional apps.

Core 2.0 should be gentler on your PC, for that matter. Its updated 3D world relies on dynamic lighting and physically-based renderers that turn off in the background, so it should look nicer even as it reduces the workload for modestly-equipped PCs.

In some ways, this reflects the maturation of VR. It's not quite mainstream, but it's less of an experiment than it once was. You're now encouraged to stay in VR on a frequent basis, even if it's just to catch up on TV shows with distant friends.