Waze's carpooling service is now available all over the US

Get a $20 bonus if you refer a friend.

Waze has gradually been expanding its Carpool app to states around the US, and now it's rolling out everywhere. From today, drivers and ride-seekers in all 50 states can use the app to save time and money getting around, while helping reduce congestion on the roads.

The app makes carpooling simple. Riders and drivers can choose their carpool buddies based on their profile, star rating, mutual friends or customizable filters, such as gender, co-worker, classmate or proximity to a preferred route. All payments are handled within the app, and you can schedule rides up to seven days in advance, as well as set up custom carpool groups. This is particularly useful for large employment hubs -- Waze Carpool will be available at 50 Amazon Fulfilment Center sites, for example, making it easier for Amazon employees to get to work.

And, for a limited time, new users will get an added bonus for trying the app. Refer a friend, and once they've completed a ride drivers will get $20 cash for each referral, and riders will get $20 credit for each referral -- a nice incentive to streamline your commute, meet new people and do your bit for the planet.