Latest Spot demo puts a Boston Dynamics robot to work

The sensor-laden quadruped navigated construction sites with workers in the background.

After dropping a stunning "Parkour" video for its humanoid Atlas robot earlier today, Boston Dynamics followed up with this more subdued look at a commercial application for its technology. In a video similar to lab tests we've seen before, this sensor-laden Spot robot (there's even one in its "hand" that you can see it using above, Watcher-style) took a stroll around a couple of construction sites while carrying a pack to survey human compliance work progress.

In June, president Marc Raibert said the company had 10 prototypes built already ahead of sales next year and this one looks like it's ready to go. The video's description indicates these will be released in the second half of 2019, so if you'd like to start doing some extra cardio now then that would be good.