Pixel camera app will support external mics from October 18th

Record smartphone video like a pro.

Google made much ado of the Pixel line's suitability to pro photography with its Annie Leibovitz partnership, but it couldn't really say the same for video when owners still have to use the built-in microphone with the official camera app. That won't be an issue for much longer, though. Google is adding support for Android-friendly wired external mics on October 18th, the same day as the Pixel 3 launch. And you won't need one the latest models, either -- any Pixel phone will do the trick.

This will mostly be helpful if you're a filmmaker, video blogger or a similar creator willing to buy a mic for the sake of your productions. It will save you from relying on a third-party app, however. It also speaks to Google's ambitions for the Pixel line. It sees its phones as creative tools, and it's willing to add loads of software features (even on older hardware) to make that happen.