Amazon announces recycling and green energy initiatives in US and UK

It will begin installing solar systems on its UK fulfillment centers.

Amazon has announced two new green initiatives in the US and the UK aimed at reducing waste and its carbon footprint. In the US, the company shared plans to invest $10 million in Closed Loop Fund, which supports recycling infrastructure throughout the US. Amazon's investment will bring curbside recycling to three million additional homes and could keep as much as one million tons of recyclable material out of landfills by 2028.

"Amazon's investment in Closed Loop Fund is another example of how recycling is good business in America," Closed Loop Fund CEO Ron Gonen said in a statement. "Companies are seeing that they can meet consumer demand and reduce costs while supporting a more sustainable future and growing good jobs across the country. We applaud Amazon's commitment to cut waste, and we hope their leadership drives other brands and retailers to follow suit."

Additionally, in the UK, Amazon will begin installing solar panels on its fulfillment centers, which is part of its effort to erect solar systems on 50 of its centers around the world by 2020. Over the next 18 months, it plans to install solar systems on 10 of its UK fulfillment centers, and once completed, its UK solar systems will be able to power the equivalent of 4,500 homes.

Additionally, the company has committed to powering its UK buildings with 100 percent renewable energy, though it didn't say by when, and will install battery systems in its fulfillment centers in order to help manage energy demand during peak times.

Amazon has been constructing wind farms across the US, with more on the way. However, Greenpeace called the company out last year for being opaque in regards to its environmental practices, energy use and materials.