Google's Chrome now lets you unlink your web and browser sign-ins

You'll have to opt out of auto log-in, though.

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Mariella Moon
October 17th, 2018
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If one of the things you hate about Chrome 69 is how logging into Gmail automatically links your account to the browser, you may want to download the latest update. Chrome 70 is now available for download, and it will give you a way to access Google services without prompting your browser to use your account, as well. Unfortunately, its implementation is far from perfect: it will only give you a choice to opt out of automatic Chrome sign-in instead of having it switched off by default. If that's not a huge issue, though, you can find the option to opt out in Preferences under the Privacy and Security section.


When auto sign-in got a lot of flak after it was introduced on Chrome 69, Chrome manager Adrienne Porter Felt explained that the browser only shows you're logged in, but it doesn't actually sync your activities unless you tell it to. In order to communicate that more clearly, Chrome 70 will also include markers, letting you know whether you're signed in and syncing your activities or whether you're just logged in. You can now get the latest version of Google's browser, which also includes a bunch of security upgrades, by checking for the latest update or downloading it from its official website.

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