Hulu's night mode comes to the web

It’s perfect for those late-night TV binges.

Hulu has added a night mode to its website. The feature went live today at 12:30 PM EST, and is limited to watching video in their computer's web browser. The night mode update, which changes the background of Hulu's site from white to black, comes on the heels of a wider site redesign; in September, Hulu's user interface saw a significant overhaul.

With today's update, Hulu joins YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and a handful of other major sites in offering an official night mode. Apple's new Mojave OS also offers a dark mode, and Chrome's web store offers a few extensions that will change the browser's background to black.

Hulu has timed the release of night mode with the Halloween season, allowing users to experience a more thematically-appropriate interface. It's also a good way to reduce eye strain and glare when watching video in low light environments. Watching video and staring at a bright computer screen for long periods of time can be damaging to the eyes, so having the option to toggle a darker interface is welcome. YouTube users specifically had been asking for a dark mode for years, as it makes video content stand out more -- now, Hulu users can enjoy that benefit