Shaper's AR-equipped Origin power cutter is going on sale for $2,500

The augmented reality power tool will ship in January.

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If you've been itching to add AR to your DIY with a handheld CNC, you'll be happy to know that Shaper's Origin augmented reality power cutter will once again be available for purchase. Originally launched in 2016, Origin scans visual markers and then displays a guide on the device's screen to direct where you cut. If you get too far off your design, the blade will retract.

Flash forward two years later; if you missed the initial pre-order run, you'll soon have a fresh chance at getting your crafty hands on Origin. Shaper will cost $2,499 and will only be available for purchase in the US and US territories.

If you're interested in buying Origin, head over to at 9:00 AM ET on October 23rd to place your order. Shaper notes that orders will be fulfilled on a 'first-come, first-shipped basis.'

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