Google Play update enables smaller app installs

You might also see the 'Try Now' button more frequently in the future.

Google has implemented changes to the Play Store, which could translate to smaller applications that are much, much kinder to your phone's storage and memory. Earlier this year, it introduced a new app publishing format called Android App Bundle that allows the Play Store to install just what the application needs to function. Now Google has announced updates to the format during its annual Play Store event that can ensure apps are at least 8 percent smaller upon download.

In addition, you might be seeing more apps that you can try before you spring for a purchase. Google has expanded its Instant App program to include premium titles and pre-registration campaigns, so you'll be able to take participating games for a spin. Just look for titles with the "Try Now" button. And since Google has increased the size limit of Instant Apps to 10MB, you can probably expect to experience more of what a title can offer before having to decide to spend money on it.