Snapchat's latest Lens creation tools bring 2D objects to life

You can also alter portraits and bring in friends' photos.

It might be easier to create and share Snapchat Lenses these days, but Snap clearly knows they need a little more panache. It's adding a trio of Lens Studio templates, with the centerpiece being a brand new marker tracking feature. The template turns 2D items like signs and posters into vivid augmented reality objects by linking animations to them -- place a Snapcode nearby and fellow Snapchatters could discover a new side to those seemingly flat images.

There's also a segmentation template that can transform portraits, hair or the entire sky. And if you'd like people to bring their friends' faces into a Lens, an "add from camera roll" template lets users add that personal touch. All of the new Lens Studio tools were previously limited to the Snapchat team -- you might just produce something on par with some of the nicer official lenses.