Snapchat's Lens Studio now allows anyone to create a face filter

The service also announced an integration with Giphy for creating lenses.

Snapchat's Lens Studio allows anyone to create custom lenses for the popular social networking app. Now, the company has announced some new features. Most importantly, Snapchat has finally opened face filter creation to everyone; before this, the only lenses available for custom creation were world lenses.

The company has also launched an "Official Creator Program," which will allow the Snapchat team to connect with people creating filters and give them direct support, as well as highlight their work. Snapchat is also introducing Community Lens Stories, which is a story containing Snaps from various members of the public with just one thing in common: They all use the same community lens. It's an effort to highlight these lenses -- just swipe up on these stories to use the lens for yourself.

There are all kinds of new template details and integrations -- for example, Lens Studio now integrates with Giphy, allowing for GIF stickers in your custom lenses. You can also use face paint to create a filter tied to facial features, distorting faces, attaching 2-D and 3-D objects to faces and triggering events based off of facial movements. You can give them a try over at Snapchat Lens Studio.