Tesla shelves the full self-driving option you couldn't use

Don't be surprised if it comes back.

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Roberto Baldwin/Engadget
Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

Ever since Tesla hinted at its autonomous future, there's been a "Full Self-Driving Capability" checkbox on the order page for its cars -- spend several grand and your car would one day steer itself. It has yet to materialize, though, and now Tesla has removed the option from its site. You can still order it "off menu" for a week as of Musk's tweet (approximately October 25th) or add it to your existing car for $5,000, but new customers will have to 'settle' for Enhanced Autopilot.

The option was "causing too much confusion," Elon Musk said. Of course, it doesn't help that Tesla has also been facing lawsuits over the phantom nature of the feature, not to mention advocacy groups claiming the Autopilot name was misleading. The automaker might not want to risk a further outcry from customers, even if true autonomy is relatively close at hand.

It might be, too. The company recently asked staff to beta test its self-driving system, suggesting the feature is close to being road-worthy. This doesn't mean you'll get to use it when ready (the odds are that your state doesn't allow full autonomy outside of testing), but you'll at least get something for your money.

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