Samsung's updated mixed-reality headset goes on sale October 22nd

But the question is how popular are these devices, really?

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It's official: Samsung is updating its mixed-reality headset, the Odyssey. The new version, the Samsung HMD Odyssey+, promises to bring lifelike experiences through the Windows Mixed Reality platform. You can buy the headset in the US starting on October 22nd at and It will be available later this year in South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Brazil. The device will retail for $500.

The device will sport dual 3.5-in AMOLED displays, with a combined resolution of 1440 x 1600 per eye. It supports 360-degree spatial sound that mimics 3D audio and comes with pre-paired 6DOF controllers, which promises quick setup and richer experiences. The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ weighs just 1.3 lbs, with an eye box measuring 146 mm (5.75 inches). The headset is easily adjustable to ensure every user will have a comfortable fit.

The specs seem pretty similar to last year's model (and it will be offered at the same price). The question is whether there's a market for mixed-reality headsets. These devices are pricey while also still being pretty niche. Still, Engadget Editor Devindra Hardawar was impressed with the original version of the Odyssey when he took it out for a test drive, so it's safe to say if you're looking for a mixed-reality headset, this is a good bet.

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