Google shortcut makes G Suite Doc and Sheet creation faster

Just type ".new" after the G Suite file you want to create.

Creating a new Google document on desktop isn't that hard, but it could take a few steps to accomplish. You can go into your Gmail account and find the G Suite option you want in the drop-down menu, go to the G Suite website or install each option's Chrome extension. Now, Google is making it much simpler (and faster) to make a new Doc, Sheet, Slide, Site or Form. All you have to do is type ".new" in the browser after the type file you want to create. That's it. Need a new document? Just type "," "" or even ""

For sheets, it's "," "" or "" And for slides, you can also use the words "deck" and "presentation." The shortcut is very easy to remember and could save you a lot of time in the future... like when you need to come up with a presentation in five minutes or forgot that you need to send your professor that assignment as a Google Doc.