The Boba Fett 'Star Wars' movie isn't happening

Instead Lucasfilm is focused on 'The Mandalorian,' a series for Disney's streaming service.

This week Lucasfilm exec Kathleen Kennedy confirmed to reporter Erick Weber that a standalone Star Wars movie focusing on bounty hunter Boba Fett is no longer in development. While the project had never been officially announced, it was known to be a piece in the parade of "anthology" movies planned in the universe.

As recently as June, there were reports that after Solo: A Star Wars Story underperformed at the box office, that projects may be "reconfigured." After going years and even decades between movie releases, an annual Star Wars release felt like a bit much.

Instead, and perhaps more wisely, we'll soon see a TV series about a Fett-style character called The Mandalorian, that's in development for Disney's streaming service. So far The Mandalorian only has a single image and an interesting list of episode directors attached, but if Disney plans to compete with Netflix then this kind of story that's both familiar and all-new could pull subscribers in.