Google's interest-focused Discover feed launches on mobile web

It's available right from the Google homepage.

Don't be surprised if the Google homepage looks a little different on your phone. As promised back in September, Google is rolling out its reworked Discover feed on (so far, only for the US) for both Android and iOS devices. If you're in, you'll see a stream of cards below the search box that typically revolve around your interests, whether it's hot-button political issues, hobbies or a favorite team. You'll also find sports scores, YouTube carousels and similar cards to pique your interest.

Unlike the old Feed, you can fine-tune Discover to show you more or less of a given topic. You won't have to deal with cards showing up every time simply because you found a subject interesting once.

There's no word yet on a wider launch (including international availability). Given Google's strategy, it could be more a question of when you see Discover rather than whether it shows up in the first place. Info cards have been a mainstay of Google's mobile experience for a while, and that isn't likely to change in mobile browsers.