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The two are challenging Amazon.

If you're Blue Apron and you see Amazon encroaching on your turf with its own meal kits and key online partnerships, what do you do? Make your kits more widely available, that's what. In a reflection of its retail promises from earlier in the year, Blue Apron kits are now on sale through's City Grocery service -- the first time they've been available through an online retailer. Should you live in the New York City area (including Hoboken and Jersey City), you can order from a selection of quick-to-prepare two-serving kits that will reach your door either the same day or the next.

There are just four early choices ranging from a $17 Italian farro bowl to $23 seared steaks. Don't worry about settling into a routine, as the kit options will rotate every six weeks. There's a $6 "scheduling fee' on top of each order.

It may seem odd for Blue Apron to partner with Jet when the store's parent, Walmart, has been making kits for months. There's a concern Walmart could muscle in and hurt Blue Apron's business. However, both have a mutual enemy in Amazon. While there's a degree of competition between the two, they could be stronger together than they are standing on their own.