Intel's stunt drones will join the Rockettes at Radio City

It'll be the first time drones will participate in an indoor holiday spectacular.

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Rolf Bruderer via Getty Images
Rolf Bruderer via Getty Images

Fireworks? Pah. These days, it's all about armies of drones creating majestic aerial displays over national sporting events. Intel, which is making a name for itself in the space, is bringing an army of mini drones to New York for the holidays. Specifically, the UAVs will be the backing act for the Rockettes at this year's Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

Intel says that it'll be the first large-scale indoor theatrical drone performance, with the craft choreographed to dance with the Rockettes. The tech will be used to create holiday-themed shadows for the show's big finale, entitled Christmas Lights. And, rather than a one-off, this is Intel's first crack at making drones work for a long-running production, since there'll be 200 performances of the event.

If you're looking forward to seeing aerialists and Rockettes dancing with drones, then you'll have to get yourself to Radio City. Tickets start at $45 and the show runs from November 9th 2018 through to January 1st, 2019.

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