Bizarre 'Fallout 76' bug deletes beta instead of letting players in

Have fun redownloading all 50GB.

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Tonight the Fallout 76 beta was supposed to unlock for a few hours so players on Xbox One, PS4 and PC could test it out. Unfortunately for players on PC, for some reason many people saw the 50GB beta installation suddenly begin to redownload instead of unlocking -- a serious problem since it was only scheduled for access between 7 PM and 11 PM ET. Bethesda's support accounts haven't mentioned anything about extending the test period, so hopefully none of you were impacted -- otherwise you'll have to wait until November 1st between 2 and 7 PM ET for another shot.

Still, it could be worse -- this could have made it into a wide release, or just broken the game's AI for years until someone noticed.

Update: Bethesda just announced that as a result of this bug, it's extending the November 1st test session to run until 11 PM ET.

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