Google Gboard creates emoji-style stickers that look like you

You don't have to wait to see yourself represented in emoji form.

Emoji are more expressive than ever, but the odds are that you'll never be completely represented no matter how many new characters there are. Google, however, has a simple solution: create your own emoji. It's expanding Gboard's Minis with stickers that recreate your face in a range of emoji-style expressions. If you dye your hair, pierce your nose or wear a stylish hat, you can share that look when you send someone a "hug" or "yum."

The creation process remains the same. Gboard takes a selfie and uses machine learning to set facial traits (skin color, hair and accessories), and gives you an opportunity to customize the look, including details like glasses and freckles. Consider it a simpler, less platform-specific version of Apple's Memoji or Samsung's AR Emoji.

The emoji Minis are available worldwide in both the Android and iOS versions of Gboard, regardless of language. They're not as universal as official emoji, but they might come close enough if you're looking to add a personal touch.