Google Gboard can use selfies to create a 'Mini' version of you

The feature was originally launched as 'selfie stickers' for Allo.

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Mariella Moon
August 27th, 2018
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If you want to send friends custom emoji using Gboard, you can either tap into your Bitmoji sticker collection... or use the keyboard's latest feature. Google has launched "Mini" stickers for iOS and Android, which use machine learning to craft personalized emoji from your photo. More precisely, the feature uses a combination of machine learning, neural networks and artist illustrations to conjure up the best representation of you, taking into account various characteristics like your skin tone, hair color and style, eye color, face shape and facial hair. Just access Mini from within Gboard and start the creation process by taking a selfie. It will then automatically create your avatar and generate packs of stickers you can use.

Google originally released Mini last year as "selfie stickers" for the Allo chat app. The tech giant seems to be distributing Allo's features to its other products now that the app is getting phased out -- Allo-specific Google Assistant features, for instance, might be heading to Android Messages, based on XDA Developers' investigation.

Mini can create 100 new sticker styles using your personalized avatar on top of the existing ones that rolled out with the original Allo selfie stickers. Those designs come in Bold and Sweet modes, so you'll have a plethora of stickers to choose from for when you want to be sassy or sweet without using words.

Check out the Mini creation process below:

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