CBS gives 'Entertainment Tonight' its own streaming service

ET Live offers 24/7 celebrity news for free.

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Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

CBS expanding its repertoire of free streaming services. It just launched ET Live, a no-cost Entertainment Tonight offshoot that provides 24/7 coverage of celebrity news, fashion and other not-so-deep fare. It's not a strict expansion of the TV show -- it relies primarily on original programming with a new set of hosts (including Lauren Zima, above), and will only occasionally feature appearances from ET regulars. There will be tie-ins with CBS' other online properties, though. Deadline notes that you'll have quick access to ET Live from services like CBS All Access and CBSN, and you may see guest spots from ET Live elsewhere when there's relevant news.

You can watch the service on the web as well as through Android, iOS, Apple TV and Fire TV. More platforms are "coming soon."

CBS characterized ET Live as a "natural expansion" of its streaming strategy that would serve people who "expect content to be accessible anytime, anywhere." In that regard, this is a hedge against not only cord-cutters, but the people who tend to watch IGTV, Snapchat Discover shows or other entertainment videos that are mobile-first or mobile-only. ET Live might be free, but it could be worthwhile for CBS if it keeps people from drifting to alternatives.

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