‘Fortnitemares’ ends Sunday with a live in-game event

All we have to go on so far is an ominous tweet.

Fortnite really got into the Halloween spirit with its Fortnitemares special event. Sadly, it will come to an end Sunday evening. But developer Epic Games wants to give fans a final treat, with a one-time event that will occur inside the game at 1PM ET.

There's also the mystery of the pink cube -- named Kevin by fans -- that's been hanging around the world of Fortnite. The cube is now projecting a laser beam straight into the sky, and is connected to the Cube Monsters -- which Epic Games does not want you to refer to as zombies -- that have been emerging all over the map. The event on Sunday will likely be linked to the cube.

Fortnite has done in-game events in the past, including a "High Stakes" jewel heist and a rocket launch that left a rift in the sky. Considering the awe that was left by the rocket launch event, fans should not miss out.