‘Fallout 76’ install bug ‘won’t be the last bump in the road’

Bethesda apologized for the glitch that affected PC beta downloads.

PC gamers hoping to have a crack at Fallout 76 in beta this week were left disappointed when a mysterious bug stopped the 50GB installation from unlocking. Now, Bethesda's vice president Pete Hines has apologized for the issue, making the rather large understatement that "we've hit some problems that we quite honestly didn't expect."

During Bethesda's stream of the Fallout 76 beta, Hines apologized for the hitch that forced some players to re-download the installation for a second time, meaning some were late getting into the beta, while others missed it completely. "But, you know, I'm here to tell you: it's not going to be the last bump on the road," he added. "And hopefully we continue to smooth those out, but that is in fact the whole point of doing this beta, is to find those things and see if we can't resolve them, while also letting people just have fun and enjoy the game."

The next Fallout 76 beta session is scheduled for Thursday November 1, from 2pm-11pm ET (11am-8pm PT), and has been extended by a few hours to account for the previous blip. As Hines said, anything can happen at beta stage, so get in early in case there are any other unplanned surprises in store.