Activision debuts 'Call of Duty' companion app for your phone

The COD Points microtransaction currency has also arrived.

Call of Duty players can now take advantage of a companion app for Black Ops 4 and WWII on iOS and Android. It provides stats on your gameplay in Black Ops 4's multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout (i.e. battle royale) modes, and does the same for WWII's multiplayer, including War Mode.

You'll get weekly reports on your performance and personalized advice on how to improve, with factors including a heat map showing you where most of the action is taking place. Activision claims the app will track every shot and movement to help analyze your gameplay.

The app also lets you view your friends' stats so you can find out whether you can claim bragging rights for having the best kill/death and win/loss ratios among your peers. You can also form squads of up to 20 players. Your squad can claim in-game rewards such as tags, double XP and rare supply drops for completing weekly objectives. More features, including a loadout manager, localization and chat, will come to the app at a later time.

Meanwhile, developer Treyarch has just expanded microtransactions for cosmetic items in Black Ops 4. The COD Points in-game currency arrived on PS4 this week, and it will be available on PC and Xbox One next week. The points allow players to advance through tiers in the Black Market without necessarily grinding out hundreds of hours of playtime. You can also use them to buy Nebulium Plasma in Zombies and unlock Special Orders, which are new cosmetic rewards tied to Black Market tiers.