'Limbo' developer Playdead's next adventure will be its biggest yet

Co-founder Arnt Jensen is 'tired' of 2D's limitations.

Although Danish developer Playdead has only released two games since its start in 2006, they've both been great ones. Early last year the studio teased its next game after Inside and Limbo (both are now available on Switch, along with a number of other platforms) with a tweet and a single image, but now co-founder and art director Arnt Jensen has revealed a few more details in an interview with DR.


From what we can decipher through the assistance of Google Translate, the next game could take Playdead fully into the third dimension. Jensen confirmed it's a sci-fi adventure and said it becomes a 3rd-person game with a larger area that you can move around in. He said "I've been tired of the limitations in 2D games," and that this one will be bigger than either of its previous titles.

As one would expect from the other games, it will maintain a melancholy and lonely mood, but that's about all we know for now. Also holding to its custom, Playdead hasn't said anything about a release schedule or potential platforms, so we'll just have to wait for more information.