Snapchat pushes voters toward the nearest polling place

The app is putting its filters, lenses and Snap Map to good use.

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Mariella Moon
November 2nd, 2018
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Snap said its surprisingly successful voter registration campaign helped 418,000 people register in the space of a two-week period. Now, the ephemeral messaging app is following that up with an initiative that encourages those users (and other voters) to actually go to the polls. Starting today until November 6th, you'll be able to decorate your snaps with special Election-related face lenses and filters, including one that says "I Voted." According to Snap, they were designed to spread the word and encourage other users to vote, as well.

You can also check Snap Map for a link that can help you find your polling location and to see a sample ballot for your location. After you've already used an election-related filter or lens, the app will dress your Bitmoji in the Snap Map in a special costume.


On Election Day itself, the app will send out a snap to all users in the US 18-years-old and above, which will also link to resources that can point them to their polling locations. Finally, Snap will post Election night coverage on Discover starting at 6PM ET. Good Luck America's Peter Hamby will host a Snap-exclusive show, though you can also choose to watch The Washington Post's exclusive live coverage for the platform instead. Snap has also teamed up with local stations to keep everyone abreast of the results throughout the night.

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