GM's Maven program will rent Teslas and Fords in 2019

It will also make its way to international markets.

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Mariella Moon
November 13, 2018 2:56 AM
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Earlier this year, GM officially launched a program called Maven that gives people a way to earn extra money by renting out their cars. It's only open to Chevrolet-, Buick-, GMC- and Cadillac-branded vehicles, though -- in other words, cars from GM's auto brands. According to TechCrunch, though, the automaker plans to expand the peer-to-peer car-sharing program's reach and open it to vehicles from its competitors. GM Urban Mobility and Maven VP Julia Steyn has announced at the UBS Global Technology Conference that Maven will start accepting rival vehicles to the platform by mid-2019.

It's not entirely clear if Maven will welcome cars from all automakers, but it sounds like at least some Ford and Tesla models will be. In addition, GM will open the platform up to micro-fleet entrepreneurs and will also expand it to Canada and other international markets. By doing all those, the company is hoping to make Maven much bigger than it is today, with a lot more and diverse vehicles on offer. Steyn said: "If, at some point, there's a UFO that you want shared and you want to be on the platform and it's going to do a job for somebody, we'll be able to put it on the platform."

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