Moment's latest telephoto lens is designed for newer phones

The 58mm add-on gives you up to 4X optical zoom on dual-camera phones.

Moment released a telephoto lens for phones back in 2014, but it was designed for small phones like the iPhone 5S and quickly developed distortion on phones with larger camera sensors. You had to investigate alternatives like OlloClip's upcoming Pro Telephoto to get a lens designed for newer handsets. No more -- Moment has unveiled a 58mm telephoto lens that's designed for the latest smartphones, including those with dual cameras. Pair it with a device like the iPhone XS or Galaxy Note 9 and you can achieve up to 4X optical zoom. It's also one of the "sharpest" lenses of its kind with a six-element glass design, according to Moment, and promises to spruce up portrait photos on single-lens phones like the iPhone XR and Pixel 3 series.

The lens is tuned for "all" iPhone, Galaxy and Pixel phones and is available now for a normal price of $100 (though it'll launch with a 20 percent discount). That's a lot to spend on extra glass for a smartphone, but telephoto lenses tend to be some of the most versatile, helping you capture photos of elusive wildlife or portraits from a more comfortable distance. If you've already dropped a lot of cash on a phone, it might be worth spending a bit more if you'd like more creative options.