Apple adds faster AMD Vega graphics options for 15-inch MacBook Pro

You'll have to pay a premium for the newer GPUs, however.

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Apple has acted on its promise to give the 2018 MacBook Pro a much-appreciated graphics performance boost. You can now configure the higher-end 15-inch laptop with Radeon Pro Vega 16 or 20 GPUs that, if you ask Apple, deliver up to 60 percent faster processing power for tasks like 3D modeling and GPU-accelerated video edits. Both options come with 4GB of memory, so your choice boils down to the level of computational power you want.

Get ready to pay a premium if you do like either video chip. In addition to having to buy a higher-end MacBook Pro, you'll pay $250 more for the Vega 16 and $350 more for the Vega 20. That raises the minimum price for a Vega-equipped Pro to $3,049 -- this is really for creatives, not enthusiasts hoping to squeeze higher frame rates out of Fortnite. Nonetheless,this is very welcome if you thought the Radeon Pro 500-series didn't cut the mustard for a portable workstation.

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