Axon's latest Taser weapon calls police when fired

The Pulse+ promises to save time in a crisis.

If you're in a dangerous-enough situation to fire a stun gun, you probably want help as soon as possible. Axon certainly thinks so, at least -- it's launching an upgraded version of the Taser Pulse, the Pulse+, that contacts police when you fire the weapon. Load an app from Noonlight on your phone and the new Taser can dispatch authorities to your location and give you the opportunity to speak to 911 if it's safe. Axon is betting the time savings will be vital in moments when you're either still in danger or are too shaken to make a call.

The feature works anywhere in the US, and it's strictly optional if you're worried about having to explain an accidental trigger pull or test shot to confused officers. The weapon maintains the original Pulse's 15-foot effective range.

You can pre-order the Pulse+ now for $449. Axon is also maintaining the Pulse's "Safe Escape" guarantee, which will replace your weapon for free if you have to use your weapon and leave it at the scene of the incident. Suffice it to say this is one of the few app-connected devices you hope you'll never have to use.