eBay's toy catalog includes a $100,000 'Magic: The Gathering' card

It is also opening a store in New York City.

eBay is following in the footsteps of Amazon (despite an ongoing beef between the two) and attempting to revive the old holiday shopping tradition of the toy catalog. The online retailer is putting together a Toy Book containing the hottest items of this year and all the retro playthings that will make your nostalgia kick in. eBay is sending physical copies of the catalog to millions of homes, but the whole thing can be viewed online. If you're in New York City, eBay is also opening up an interactive storefront called Toytopia where kids can come in and play with the toys.

eBay's Toy Book encompasses basically the entire spectrum of toys, but where it stands out is on the high-end. While Amazon's catalog shows the best toys of this year, eBay has the best toys of any year as long as price is no object for you. If you have some fat stacks of cash you're just waiting to burn through, eBay has a 1967 DC Justice League Games Set -- which includes Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman games -- for $6,000. Jump up to the $100,000 price range and you can get a Magic: The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus card. It's one of only 1,100 ever printed.

If you're in New York this holiday season, you can see some of eBay's most popular and expensive finds on display at its Toytopia storefront. Located at Chelsea Market, the toy store will be open from November 16th to November 20th. Toytopia is free to the public to visit.