Amazon encourages you to recycle your old gadgets

The website has instructions on how to recycle the company's excessive packaging, as well.

Amazon has launched a new portal called "Second Chance," which compiles information on how to recycle, repair and return devices. The e-commerce giant calls it a "one-stop shop" where you can learn how to responsibly get rid of old gadgets lying around and taking up space. You can go there to see how much you can get if you trade your devices in and to learn how to start the process. It will ask if your device still holds a charge and if it's broken before giving you a quote. You won't get a lot of money from the deal, but if you don't want to sell the device on your own, that's one way to get a gift card towards future purchases and 25 percent off a new Echo device.

In case your old gadgets are broken, the website can also help you find repair options. Broken beyond repair? You can still visit Second Chance for instructions on how you can get Amazon to take and recycle them for free. The website also encourages you to purchase refurbished items at a discount and includes short instructions on how to recycle Amazon packaging -- as it should, seeing as the company is notorious for using huge and excessive packaging for tiny items.

Finally, the platform now gives you free access to product support for 90 days after your date of purchase. That way, in case you need any assistance a couple of months or so later, a customer service rep can give you step-by-step instructions on how to fix or return it.