Tidal music streaming is now available on Amazon's Echo speakers

Alexa, play that Beyoncé jam.

Amazon's Echo speakers have been gradually improving in quality, and it looks like Tidal wants to seize on that opportunity. The streaming service is now available on all Echo devices in the US through a dedicated Tidal skill. Link your account and you can play that Beyoncé or Jay-Z exclusive with a quick voice command. You can set it as your default music option if you'd like, but you can always add "on Tidal" to a command if the service remains secondary.

The Tidal addition might not have people flocking en masse to Tidal, but it does flesh out the Echo's music options and give you another viable option if you're not terribly fond of Amazon Music or Spotify. Just be sure to use one of Amazon's higher-end models -- it would seem wrong to listen to a fidelity-oriented service on a standard Echo when the Plus or Show would bring out more detail in the sound.