Samsung's free Galaxy phone themes won't be free anymore

You'll have to give them up after 14 days.

In a bid to squeeze more cash from users, Samsung plans to halt the use of free phone themes after a 14-day trial period. The change will be implemented with the rollout of Android Pie early next year, according to a notice on the Samsung Themes store (via Droid Life). From then onwards, you'll get a pop-up on your device advising you that your free theme is about to go bye-bye when you reach the cap, after which your phone will switch back to the default "Touchwiz" theme.

As users are likely aware, Samsung's store is stocked with free and paid themes, with the company getting a cut of the latter. Whether or not you'll be able to bypass the change by simply reverting back to your free theme after the trial run ends remains to be seen. Regardless, the hassle of having to switch back and forth is bound to ruffle feathers. Or you may just settle for Samsung's upcoming One UI (which is set for current-gen and next-gen handsets) instead.