Tesla celebrates one billion Autopilot-assisted miles

It's a literal milestone for the EV company.

Vehicle companies are big fans of marking achievements by mileage. Google's self-driving vehicles clocked up 1.2 million miles without getting a ticket back in 2015, earlier this year Waymo announced its self-driving cars had hit 10 million miles. Now, Tesla is upping the ante with news that its drivers have covered more than one billion miles with autopilot engaged.

That's a pretty significant figure, and one that gets more impressive with you drill down into the stats. According to Tesla, that one billion accounts for 10 percent of the total mileage covered by Tesla drivers, including cars sold before autopilot was available, and from customers that choose not to purchase autopilot for their vehicles. It's clear then that Tesla is beating over vehicle companies by a considerable margin when it comes to literal milestones.