Spotify's revamped Xbox One app includes smarter voice control

Hey Cortana, play my summer jams.

Spotify just became much more useful if it regularly provides the background music for your Xbox One sessions. After weeks of testing, it's releasing a refreshed version of its Xbox One app that promises both easier discovery of music and, importantly, more control when you find it. The new "razor sharp design" (similar to the one from newer PS4 and Roku apps) gives you easier access to the Made for You hub, your library and your recently played songs, while the Xbox One Guide now has shuffle and repeat controls for longer gaming marathons. And if you like to shout at Cortana instead of tapping buttons, you're in for a treat.

Voice control now makes it simple to start a specific playlist, pause or skip a track without disrupting your game. You'll currently have to reside in the US to give this a shot, but it's helpful if you'd rather not hear a slow ballad in the middle of a tense firefight, or just need fresh tunes after running out.

You can download the new app today. Outside of the Cortana feature, the upgrades should be available in 34 of the countries where Spotify operates, including the US, Canada, much of Europe, Australia and Japan.