Obsidian's 'The Outer Worlds' is basically 'Fallout' in space

Expect a lot of wry humor when the sci-fi RPG arrives in 2019.

Microsoft may have bought Obsidian, but that isn't stopping the developer from releasing at least one multi-platform title. Obsidian has taken the wraps off The Outer Worlds, a single-player sci-fi RPG headed to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. In spirit, it's Fallout in space -- you play a newly-thawed settler on the galaxy's frontier who has to grapple with megacorporations, less-than-friendly beasts and other threats. And true to Obsidian's pedigree with games like Fallout: New Vegas, you can expect a pervasive sense of humor.

The initial trailer doesn't say much about the actual game mechanics, but this is most definitely a first-person title with a mix of fast-paced shooting and involved conversations. If the latest Fallout experience left you less than thrilled, Outer Worlds might be more satisfying.