Hulu is the first streaming service to take Venmo

For now, it's just for new customers.

Hulu is expanding its payment options to include Venmo. Starting today, subscribers will be able to use the popular peer-to-peer payment app to pay off the cost of their Hulu membership each month. It marks the first time a streaming video service has adopted Venmo for payments.

To make payments with Venmo, you'll have to sign up for a Hulu account on desktop or through a mobile browser. Once you create the account, select Venmo as your payment option. If you're an existing member, Venmo isn't available yet but Hulu is promising that the option will be coming to all subscribers soon. Once you have Venmo selected as your payment method, Hulu will pull your monthly subscription cost from your account balance. If you don't have enough funds, it will pull from the primary bank account linked to your Venmo.

Venmo on Hulu

While Hulu is the first streaming service to open itself up to Venmo, it's certainly not the first company to do so. Uber has allowed riders to pay for trips using Venmo, and more than two million online retailers accept payments from the app.