YouTube Music offers charts for the hottest songs and videos

You can listen to trending and popular songs in ever-changing playlists.

If you thought YouTube's music video charts would be a logical fit for YouTube Music, you guessed correctly. The streaming media giant is rolling YouTube Charts into its Music service as playlists that you can find either on the app's home screen or through a search. If you want to listen to the most popular or trendiest songs, they should be a short hop away. All 29 YouTube countries will have both global and local versions of the top 100 songs and top 100 videos, and you'll also find a local-only top 20 trending list.

This certainly isn't a novel concept, and it's arguably overdue. YouTube Charts arrived in May, and key competitor Apple Music has had top 100 charts since September. Still, it could be a small coup. One of YouTube's key advantages is its access to massive troves of video viewership data, so its charts could more accurately reflect the musical zeitgeist than those from rival services.