Starbucks will offer Uber Eats delivery from more than 2,000 US stores

On-demand venti lattes arrive in early 2019.

It might be almost too easy to get a Starbucks fix in the near future. In the wake of trials, the coffee giant will offer delivery through Uber Eats from over 2,000 US stores (roughly a quarter of its footprint in the country) in early 2019. The company hasn't detailed pricing or selection, but there's a good possibility that a grande mocha latte will be just a few taps away.

The expansion doesn't come completely out of the blue. Starbucks first piloted its delivery program in September, and has been spreading rapidly in China with 2,000 shops already delivering through local services. It's not certain whether the company will find similar success in its home country, but the combination of its familiarity with Uber Eats' considerable reach (it aims to serve 70 percent of the US before 2018 is over) works in its favor.