CBS launches streaming-only news service for New York City

It's CBS' first major local online video offering.

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Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images
Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

CBS is acting on its promise to add a local flavor to its streaming news service. The broadcaster has launched CBSN New York, its first major local streaming service. The internet-only channel promises around-the-clock coverage of NYC's goings on, with CBS 2 and WLNY 10/55 providing both their usual live news broadcasts as well as hour-long live shows just for CBSN. It'll also provide continuous coverage of any breaking events as well as on-demand streams.

The service will be ad-supported, CBS added.

The media giant is still on track to offer a matching CBSN service in Los Angeles in early 2019, and expects more local services in other large markets where it has a footprint. While there's no certainty that CBSN will become as ubiquitous as conventional local news networks, there's certainly some similarity in strategy here. This is mostly local news as you know it, just for people who can't always watch (or don't bother with) regular TV.

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