T-Mobile's eSIM support for new iPhones is limited to prepaid lines

Regular subscriptions are coming.

Now that AT&T and Verizon have switched on their support for eSIMs in iPhones, it's T-Mobile's turn. The magenta network has released an eSIM app that adds a line to your iPhone XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max without making you insert a little card. There's one big gotcha, though: it's currently limited to prepaid service. T-Mobile pitches this as an option for visitors to the US, existing customers who want a secondary line or would-be switchers who want to try the network without a deeper commitment. Support for regular subscriptions is coming, but you'll presently need to hold off if you wanted to reserve the physical slot for travel SIMs or (gasp) a rival provider.

The addition leaves Sprint as the only one out of the top four US networks that has yet to enable eSIM support. It's not for lack of interest -- the network committed to support soon after Apple's 2018 iPhone event, it just hasn't set a release date. As it stands, the expansion makes eSIM use more a question of your personal preference than whether or not it's an option in the first place.